Basic Course in Medical Toxicology

A complete training program in the basic medical toxicology

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What you'll learn
  • For basic level students [who don't have basic knowledge about chemicals/toxins] - Can understand the basics of poisoning- Action, Fate, Elimination, Important features to identify the common symptoms & ways for prevention of poisoning.
  • For intermediate level students [who have some knowledge in chemistry, pharmacy] - Can classify poisons, understand toxicity ratings of poison, construct a clear & solid knowledge related to the diagnosis, treatment of poisoning cases.
  • For higher level students [who are dealing with health related issues] - Can conquer the basics of toxicology & will give confidence to deal with the poisoning cases in general.

There is no such requirements / prerequisites for starting this course.

Additional information

This course will give a clear idea about the basics of toxicology. You will have a clear & solid knowledge about the evolution of toxicology, different ways of classifying poisons, action fate & elimination of poison in the body, how to diagnose prevent & manage poisoning cases. By this course, you will be familiarized with Poison Information Centres.

Basic Course in Medical Toxicology