Become a Microbiology Laboratory Technician


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What you'll learn
  • Pursue a career as a Microbiology Laboratory Technician
  • Learn how to diagnose diseases
  • Receive guidelines on how to get a job in this field

Be familiar with basic medical terminologies

Additional information

What would happen if diseases and illness could not be diagnosed? We wouldn’t even want to imagine that scenario. Have you ever wondered what kind of research goes into finding the root cause your illness? Microbiology provides the required skills and techniques to help diagnose diseases.

Microbiology Lab Technicians are responsible for analyzing microorganisms not visible to the naked eye to identify and diagnose the root cause of diseases. They utilize a Microscope, various instruments/devices and techniques to run several tests on specimen collected from patients to identify diseases and what medicines/antibiotics will cure them.  

This course will provide all the essential resources and training to help you become a Microbiology Lab Technician. This profession has a very low barrier to entry as the minimum requirement to pursue this as a career is a high school diploma. So, this course is either for new graduates evaluating which career to choose or existing medical professions who want to learn more about what Lab Technicians do. This course will also provide you with information on additional certifications you can take to get more knowledge on this subject as well as guidelines on how to find a job in this field.

I added videos on viral diagnosis. Given that both bacteria and viruses can be detected using the same methods, some of the content may seem redundant but the context is different when analyzing both so I highly recommend going through the full course!

Become a Microbiology Laboratory Technician