Emergency Life Support | First Aid Training

Learn important life saving first aid. Treatment of major illness and injuries

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What you'll learn
  • To learn how to treat an unconscious casualty who is breathing by using the recovery position
  • To learn how to treat an unconscious casualty who is NOT breathing by performing CPR
  • To understand how to use an AED (defibrillator)
  • To learn how to treat a suspected Hero Attack
  • To learn how to treat a casualty Choking
  • To learn how to treat a bleeding casualty with minor and major wounds
  • To learn how to treat Seizures
  • To learn how to treat Asthma
  • To learn what Anaphylaxis is and how to treat

This course is suitable for anyone who would like an increased knowledge in first aid.

Additional information

Do you want to know what to do in a emergency life threatening situation? This course will empower you with the skills to know how to treat various life threatening illness and injuries.

The course consists of videos that encourage you to practice the skills you are learning. There are numerous handouts you can download and keep for future reference as well as short tests to check your learning after various sections. We will keep you entertained and engaged throughout and will always be on hand to help answer any questions you have - just email [email protected] or use the Q&A section. The course is fully compatible with all computers and mobile devices. You will be able to stop and start as often as you like and on completion you will be able to print your Certificate.

It is impossible to cover all eventualities within this course, or to equip you with the knowledge and skills to appropriately diagnose and treat in unpredictable real life situations. If you suspect illness or injury, you should always seek immediate professional medical advice.

The Author has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within the course, however this course is merely a guide and the Author does not accept any liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies or for any mistreatment or misdiagnosis of any person, however caused.

EMT First Aid and Lifeguard Training provides this course for guidance and it is not in any way a substitute for medical advice. EMT First Aid and Lifeguard Training is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made, or actions taken based on this course.  We strongly recommend that you attend a practical First Aid course to understand what to do in a medical emergency.

Please be aware that the information is correct at the time of filming June 2021 and relates only to UK Resuscitation and First Aid guidelines. If you are outside the UK please refer to your countries guidelines and governing board.

Emergency Life Support | First Aid Training